Matte burgundy Coffin False nails Gray Pure Blue Designs Nud

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Item Type

False Nail

Brand Name

Fingers sharp tip


Full Nail Tips





200 reviews for Matte burgundy Coffin False nails Gray Pure Blue Designs Nud

  1. K***y

    I would definitely recommend these. I bought navy matte and got tons of compliments. And it arrived fast!

  2. C***a

    At first glance the nails are beautiful and above a little gift a lime pink monisima. The subject comes once put on and start spending the day with them. The matte layer started to leave, which if you’re not on the move you can see and look like pretty sloppy nails. I use the glue (pattex) extremely strong and a week perfectly you can carry them smoothly. I recommend them. Yes, but for a day when you’re not going to do anything or a party night applying them last minute not to damage them. A greeting

  3. S***r

    Ordered 4 and seller sent five. All great quality. Will be purchasing more in the future

  4. Anonym

    Excellent quality, very quick delivery, they look so real. Buy from this seller you will not be disappointed. I am coming back for more colours

  5. E***n

    Very smooth, no faults found or anything wrong with their structure. 🙂 now to find stuff to hold them on with lol

  6. U***m

  7. Anonym

    awesome just as shown in picture

  8. M***e


  9. M***u

    Nice and good.
    Thanks to you for a nice gift

  10. G***o

  11. C***y

  12. K***e

  13. Anonym

    Fast service.

  14. Anonym

    Fast service.

  15. Anonym


  16. E***a

  17. C***z

  18. V***h

  19. T***B

    Huge nails and the edges were rough, I had to file them myself.

  20. s***s

    I ordered two pairs, both in good condition!

  21. g***r

    super beau

  22. F***o

  23. C***z

  24. R***y

  25. V***z

  26. K***c

  27. R***s

    The colour is as picture. Given to friend who was very happy.

  28. A***s

    I’m delighted. They’re great. Just like the picture. And the seller has sent a gift file. Thank you very much. I will certainly repeat.

  29. F***b

    Delivery 2 week same as pictured

  30. n***n

    No so good Quality, too thin and empfintlich

  31. R***z

  32. Anonym

  33. v***e

  34. M***b

    quality is very good

  35. m***s

    love them! great seller and good products i will buy again

  36. B***z

    All good!

  37. k***k

  38. k***k

    Matches the photo

  39. J***e

    Nails quickly arrived, somewhere in 2 weeks, the quality is good, the color is slightly darker than in the picture

  40. Y***h

    They’re pretty good! A little too transparent but overall really nice

  41. d***L

  42. L***s

    Good for the price

  43. T***s

    very nice

  44. F***o


  45. G***d

    This seller is amaizing, my orders always arrived so quickly.
    Took 15 days to get to Iceland.

    And I love the nails:) they are so real on..Have order few times before always happy with it.

    WILL recomend.

  46. A***z

    The shades correspond, the only paste could add the glue for the nails

  47. U***m

  48. L***a

  49. S***y

  50. V***s

    Fast delivery & Beautiful will order more

  51. I***ė

  52. Anonym

    I thought nails will be more blue but they’r grey… Besides of that product is good and looks nice 😉

  53. M***u

  54. R***R


  55. e***e

  56. E***s

  57. C***i

  58. V***a

    Lovely, exact color to order. Super fast shipping

  59. L***g

    very fast shipment. love it

  60. s***h


  61. l***l

  62. Anonym

  63. A***a

  64. Anonym

    always the best

  65. W***k

    Quality is bad and it looks not good. Holds on nails for no longer than one day or not even this but this probably depends on your glue

  66. Anonym


  67. S***r

  68. r***a

  69. m***a

  70. k***a

  71. a***i

  72. E***p

  73. V***s

    Love them. Will definitely order more.

  74. r***m

  75. E***a

  76. T***o

  77. Anonym

    Love them they are the perfect size color everything is perfect will buy very soon and again

  78. R***z

  79. S***i

  80. N***a

    They read within the stipulated time. They are beautiful, they are not a wonder but it is expected given their value. I recommend the seller. All very well packaged and with a gift file

  81. Anonym

    good quality

  82. W***g

  83. O***a

  84. Anonym

  85. H***a

  86. O***i

  87. D***n

  88. d***e

  89. R***i

  90. P***a

    I really liked nails.

  91. P***a

    I really liked nails.

  92. A***i

  93. M***z

  94. V***v

    Thank you, it’s okay. Quality is good, the bonus is pleasant. The daughter is happy.
    Thank you, all is well. The quality is good, the bonus is pleasant. Daughter happy.

  95. S***d

  96. M***l

    color doesn’t match with photo

  97. p***p

  98. E***h

  99. m***l

    Colors are off not exactly like in pictures advertised

  100. s***a

  101. A***n

  102. P***a

  103. S***a

  104. J***z

  105. c***b

  106. Anonym

  107. K***.

    Well, such) from the seller there are no comments, everything came as in the description, with the seller did not communicate, delivery to moscow almost 2 months (in general, so long was due to our post of russia). Of course, it can be seen that it is plastic)) well, personally to me, for example, it is very noticeable) and so, if you wear them in low light, then as real)))))

  108. A***a

    thank you

  109. K***a

  110. Anonym

    Nails are great.. It is as described in the picture. But sadly there is no nail glue inside the package.

  111. E***t

    Delivered long, put in the mailbox, nails without glue

  112. N***z

  113. c***e

    Fast delivery, but disappointed because the injection point on the tips of the nails is not so clear, even passing the file, on the 2 packages that I ordered.

  114. J***e

  115. Anonym

  116. I***n

  117. K***k

  118. I***i

  119. E***k

  120. i***v

  121. K***.

    Very cute and really a Matte Finish Nail .

  122. Anonym


  123. m***k

  124. S***s

  125. F***y

  126. D***s

  127. A***a

  128. Anonym

    Thank you very much

  129. A***r

    its not good inof

  130. L***r

  131. L***e

    Really surprised with these nails, they are very real and durable

  132. A***s

    Very beautiful I love disposable
    Walau whatever order came too late but smpai also safely terimaksih

  133. S***a

  134. A***d

  135. T***l

  136. N***e

    Article consistent with the photo and delivered in record time, thank you!

  137. E***n

  138. N***n

  139. g***s

  140. O***a

  141. A***y

    love it..will order more.. Ty seller

  142. Anonym


  143. H***n

  144. N***r

    Super shipping! 10 days to irk. obl.
    Nails are cool. They’re matte. Only 23 nails. No glue.

  145. J***t

  146. T***k


  147. Anonym

    Very serious seller I recommend to 100%, more than 2 times that I order, received before the deadline set just perfect.

  148. B***a

  149. E***r

  150. T***y


  151. Anonym

  152. E***K

    These look great. Will buy again.

  153. I***a

  154. Anonym

    fast delivery!

  155. M***i

    greate. thanx alot seller

  156. J***a

  157. D***a

  158. Anonym

    very good product. I highly recommend the seller. thanks for the gift.

  159. Anonym

    very plastic, color like in picture, but the matte layer peals off easily, dont hold at all, they didnt hold even two days, good for special occasion not for everyday wear

  160. T***l

    Arrived very fast, 19 days! Nails are beautiful, fit well in nail, recommend!!!!! BUT, with the use of time, they bark. They are matte and time use they lose this matte and are bright (see photos).

  161. n***u

  162. N***z

    I’m good, i don’t use them yet.

  163. Anonym

  164. M***a

  165. E***a

  166. F***z


  167. R***o

  168. s***a

  169. A***y

    Good product and quality, I’m really happy with it thanks a lot

  170. A***z

  171. v***e

  172. G***i


  173. E***a

  174. M***S

  175. Anonym

    Very well produced

  176. E***a

  177. E***e


  178. Z***a

  179. C***n

  180. s***r

    Nice but came without glue

  181. M***a

    The goods did not come, money after dispute returned

  182. Anonym

    As described very nice

  183. a***r

  184. M***y


  185. A***y

  186. m***a

  187. S***s

  188. S***r

    Really cute nails. Great quality aswell.

  189. Anonym

  190. Anonym

  191. Anonym

    Very good although make sure to file the thumb nail down because it is #phat

  192. A***r


  193. M***s

  194. C***l

  195. T***a

  196. C***r

  197. F***s

  198. Anonym

  199. M***C


  200. S***a

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